Welcome to the submission site for the 51st Annual Conference of the Society for Psychotherapy Research | Amherst, Massachusetts (USA)


  • Each participant may submit only one contribution as a first author in the following formats: brief paper, paper in panel, or discussant in a structured discussion.
  • Each participant can submit only one poster as a first author.
  • Each participant is asked to limit the total number of submissions to no more than five, including roles as presenter, moderator, discussant, or poster presenter.
  • Brief paper or poster submissions should prepare an abstract of up to 250 words. Structured discussion and panel submissions should prepare a 250-word description of the overall proposal. Panel submissions should also include abstracts for each individual paper (with a maximum of 250 words each). For structured discussions, additional abstracts for presenters or discussants (beyond the abstract for the overall panel) are optional.
  • Pre-conference workshop: If you would like to submit a pre-conference workshop, please contact the program chair, Martin grosse Holtforth, at martin.grosse@psy.unibe.ch . Note that the total number of pre-conference workshops offered for SPR2020 will be limited to three.
  • Conflicts : Please tell us if there are any days/times when you are not able to present (for example, for observation of religion). Presentations will begin 8:30am Thursday, June 18th and end 6pm Saturday, June 20th.
  • Problems : If you have trouble with any part of the submission process, please contact Martin grosse Holtforth ( martin.grosse@psy.unibe.ch ).

Let`s get started by entering your e-mail address.  We recommend using a Gmail or other webmail provider for this account.   It is increasingly difficult to ensure delivery of confirmation and acceptance emails through academic spam filters.